That last bit of the journey from manuscript to book has been completed.

Each and every story that began as a inkling of an idea, as a raised eyebrow or a thoughtful frown has become typeset in ink on a page or saved as information in a file.

VISCERA has been published. It’s out there, just waiting to be read.

You can order it in paperback from Amazon and other online booksellers. You can download it to your Kindle or device. Sometime soon you should be able to pick it of a shelf in your local bookshop.

I am thrilled to bits.

It’s been a long journey, full of ups and downs as such roads often are, and I hope that you think it’s been worthwhile. I hope I have brought you back something interesting from my travels across these imaginary landscapes.

The blurb on the back says, “From a vampyre in the time of the virus to a magical spin on online shopping and a post-apocalyptic metropolis striving to become a utopia of organic farming; Minchin addresses cultural references and societal issues in eight stories that are thought provoking and united by a fascination for characters as much as world building.”

If you read these pieces of short fiction, and I hope that you do, then please let me know what you think. Post a review on Amazon or Goodreads or write to me on my website. Your thoughts mean a hell of a lot to me.

Love to all xx xx

VISCERA is published by Climbing Tree Books and is available on Kindle for £3.99 and in paperback for £5.99.