Hello. Thanks for taking the time to drop by.

We are all so pressed for time, aren’t we?

These days a quick espresso or a shot – or a short story – becomes the perfect pleasure. The jolt of a new world or fresh idea at a length you can enjoy in one sitting.

And that’s what you’ll find here for now, short stories and jottings in a journal.

The stories are fantasy and science fiction but I like to think I gave them a broader appeal than that. They are, if you like, ‘crossover’ tales. No ghosts and, so far, only one spaceship but plenty of characters, emotion and ideas.

They are stories about something – the beauty of global warming, the runaway growth of gene-splicing, the survival of a single billionaire, possible futures and dubious pasts.

It might be safe to say that none of the facts are true, but all of the feelings are.

I hope you enjoy them. xx xx