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I was born in Derbyshire in 1959, so why did I wait fifty-eight years to start writing stories?

As an only child my imaginary friend was my imagination, it kept me interested and entertained. I saw films in my head and heard stories there too so it made sense that when it came time to look for a career I looked for an industry where words and pictures mixed together, an industry where creativity was valued, where ideas were what was made.

My ancient Ford Anglia was never going to make it to Hollywood so I drove to London and got a job in advertising.

SM young

For the next twenty-five years I scribbled away furiously. It was the golden age of advertising and I wrote for companies like Nike and Guinness, worked with people like Ridley Scott, Rutger Hauer and Ben Kingsley, lived in Johannesburg and Seoul and directed commercials in London, Los Angeles and Paris.

Eventually I moved back to the UK and made an interesting lifestyle choice.

I became a gardener.

deep dream 3

Now, gardens are great places to think and one day I thought to dig out the manuscript of  a novel I’d written in the mid eighties but never published and I remembered that this was what I wanted to do more than anything else. i wanted to write.

I had a head full of ideas and a life full of experiences and now was the time to spin them together into tales. So I did.

And I am doing.

And here we are. xx xx

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Simon Minchin is also Creative Director of Minchin & Grimshaw. He lives in Cornwall in an old farmhouse where he writes and watches over a small flock of sheep and two lovely children.