Simon Minchin Silverback Book Launch

I started writing short stories in 2017 although, in a way, I had been writing them all my working life.

For more than twenty-five years I worked in advertising. I wrote scripts for TV commercials, radio spots and ad copy. For a few years I directed commercials. Mostly what I did though was play with ideas and very often those creative ideas took the form of little stories.

The advertising business took me around the world. I lived in London, Johannesburg and Seoul until, in 2001, I left that world behind and settled in Cornwall.

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After all the glitz and pressure of the advertising world,  Cornwall was a very peaceful and introspective place to be.

I wanted to relish that calm and indulge that introspection so I made a rather  interesting lifestyle choice.

I became a gardener.

Silverback - espresso

Now, gardens are great places to think and one day I thought to dig out the manuscript of  a novel I’d written in the mid eighties but never published and I remembered that this was what I wanted to do more than anything else. I wanted to write.

I had a head full of ideas and a life full of experiences and now was the time to spin them together into tales. So I did.

And I am doing.

And here we are.

Love to all xx xx