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SILVERBACK by Simon Minchin

In SILVERBACK, Simon Minchin has built a collection of short fiction that has an earthy, visceral feel. From the surprising beauty of a world cleansed by global warming to the growing dreadfulness of a GMO that has escaped the lab. From a mystical beach that can wash away a life’s cares to an old man who discovers a particularly sinful way to escape the cold.

These are stories that are built around character but those characters explore and inhabit worlds that will startle and surprise you and resonate well beyond the final page.

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“This book opened my eyes to the wonder of short stories and I for one can’t wait to read the next installment.”

“I loved this collection of fantastic stories. Minchin’s bold imagination and smart writing draws you in like a black hole. He breathes life into his short, tall tales in a way that’s unashamedly entertaining and delightfully twisted.”

“Simon Minchin’s writing style is superb; each story left me reeling by the distance traveled but also desperate to tear headlong into the next.”

“Minchin demonstrates an audacious ability, driving his wide ranging collection with a powerful and often deceptive use of language, dragging you willing or not into his creations.”

“Entertaining and disturbing in equal measure, this is mature and brilliantly crafted writing.”