You should always read the blurb on the back, so here it is. : )

“VISCERA is Simon Minchin’s second collection of imaginative short fiction. From a vampyre in the time of the virus to a magical spin on online shopping and a post-apocalyptic metropolis striving to become a utopia of organic farming; Minchin addresses cultural references and societal issues in eight stories that are thought provoking and united by a fascination for characters as much as world building.

After many years in the creative industries, Minchin settled in Cornwall and started writing the short fiction that became SILVERBACK, his first collection published in 2019. With VISCERA, Minchin continues to explore his love for the genre.

“Minchin’s bold imagination and smart writing draws you in like a black hole. He breathes life into his short, tall tales in a way that’s unashamedly entertaining.”

Dave Tarvit – Filmmaker

” These stories are a treat. Simon Minchin has a rare gift: he beguiles readers in the first few lines and keeps them in that state, happily turning pages, not wishing the trance to end.”

Malcolm Pryce. Author and Fiction Writing Tutor. Oxford ’

VISCERA is published by Climbing Tree Books and available on Kindle for £3.99 and in paperback for £5.99.