We are pale and bloodless ghosts trapped inside this infernal machine. Like rats in a cage that we built ourselves, we chase through the maze for no reason.
Log on, engage and hang out. We search for meaning in the glow of a screen where our forefathers looked to the sun or the stars for illumination. We live in the dark, but we don’t know it.
Trapped in a net that encircles our lives, a web baited with every single little thing that we could possibly know. But this knowledge isn’t power, these facts are more and more faked, this clickable bait doesn’t nourish us.
Alone and frightened, we scream, and the net quivers with that pain and shares it with billions of other humans who are exactly the same as us. They bleed, they cry, they dream. The net does none of that, like a ruthless, loveless god it mirrors our emotions but has no conception as to what they actually mean. Why would it?